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Is There An Age Limit To Certain Genres?

Spoiler alert: The answer is obviously no.

Though I'd hesitated with this post.

This post is pretty personal and though I occasionally toss a few fun facts about myself in my reviews, this post is all me. 

Lately, I've been feeling old. I just turned twenty-one. (Yay?) And in awaiting the grand day, I pretty much notched each day off the calendar like a giddy maniac, no caffeine required. But when the day finally arrived, everyone tossing me the merriest "Happy birthdays!" I felt so deflated.

Is that weird?

A while back, I was in Barnes and Noble, pursuing the YA section (per usual) and a gaggle of preteen girls–who could've probably been freshman in high school or something–were analyzing a mini TFIOS boxed set, which included The Fault In Our Stars and the oh-so-notorious, This Star Won't Go Out. 

Then, I had a terrible thought: Am I too old to be here?

Yeah, I know. I KNOW. What the. What.

MG has become my shit, also. I mean, really, it's so cool. I started adding books like crazy to my TBR a few weeks ago and was like, “This is bomb. This is, like, fireworks. Whoa. Whoa."

Then, that mortifying thought returned: Am I too old for these?

In my heart, I know I'm fine. I'm not trying to get Disney on y'all but for real. Like, obviously, there's no such thing as an age-limit to any genre. My mom was so awed by the cover of Dumplin' and has even wanted to read it herself – obviously, she hasn't seen my review (ha!). I mean, I already have enough insecurities and I'm over here worrying about being a giant oddball? Like, really.

Whether I am too old, I've hit the designated age-limit - THE AGE LIMIT IS NONEXISTENT SIKE - I'm gonna continue reading YA and MG (and those occasional NAs and Adult) because those are the only genres I can genuinely tolerate. Plus, they're fucking cool. Excuse the language. And if anyone ever tries to bother any of y'all with their pointless jabs - though I'm 99.99% it's unlikely because who'd ever??? Throw them the fiercest shade ya know and quote this GIF.

Laterrrr, cupcakes.


  1. Ohhhh Peach! Never feel that way about something that you enjoy! I'm a few years older than you and I know lots of teens read YA but I enjoy it too, if anything it's exciting to be able to be so passionate about something.

    1. Jeann, why are you so lovely??? Teach me your ways PLS. Thanks for your kind words! I think I was in a funk about turning old. It has since passed, thankfully. YA will forever be something I'm passionate about, also.

  2. Oh I get how you feel even though we shouldn't. I am 33 and was in the YA section of B&N with my toddler. No shame. I mean maybe a little because one the workers gave me the side eye. But whatever. I love YA! I read all genres but even if I didn't. Great post because I think a lot of people have these thoughts.

    1. Omg, so relieved to know I'm not the only one who has received side-eye! I was so worried when it happened, too, haha. I've recently started reading less Adult, but YA is definitely my #1 genre. Thanks, Grace!

  3. Haha, that gif is perfection. I totally know how you feel, though. I am twenty-six and I often feel a little silly running towards the YA section at the bookstore. I think over time I have gotten much better and realized that it doesn't matter what people think. If reading YA makes you happy then you should read YA. :D

    1. Haha, I know, right? Reality TV GIFs are life itself. I strolled through all of B&N last time I was there but the YA section was really the one I stayed in the longest. Other sections are boring in comparison. The YA one seems so colorful, lol. I think I couldn't have said it better myself! :D

  4. I'm 29 and I pretty much live in the YA section at Barnes & Noble, so you're not the only one! Yes, most of the other browsers are a lot younger than me, but surprisingly, I don't ever get any weird least I don't think I do. Lol. So don't feel bad. There are a LOT of us. We'll all be in our 60s soon enough, looking like we're shopping for our grandkids haha :)

    Cheryl @ I Heart Fictional People

    1. HA! I couldn't agree more, Cheryl! Side-eye is a sin, I tell ya. I swear, I'll probably end up buying my grandkids YA novels. lmao.

  5. Great post! I agree that there is no real age limit to anything you enjoy but I do think some people just tend to grow out of things. I used to read nothing but MG but now that I'm in my 20's I find it a little harder to relate to. If I found a good MG book today though, I wouldn't hesitate to check it out :D

    1. I completely agree! MG is such a lovely genre. I recently started getting into it myself! Hour of the Bees is definitely a great one to start with! :D

  6. Ohh I DO GET THIS. I'm turning 22 in a few months. *sobs* And sometimes I kind of can feel too old for a book?! But it's still so so rare. and OMG I HEAR YA WITH THE MG. I suddenly love Mg. I love it more than I did when I was actually the "right" reading age. ahhaha. I don't think a book should have an age-limit! I think that's half of what makes books so magical...they can mean something to someone no matter the age. Right?! But that saying, I do feel weird sometimes perusing the YA library shelves when a bunch of actual teens waltz in. BUT I AM SMALL AND SHORT. So no one really notices I am also ancient. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. MG IS SO GREAT YAS. It's for all ages! I'm small and short, too! It's just one of those things, haha.

  7. "The limit does not exist!" (Just throwing in some Mean Girls references for you ;) ) But no, I FEEL YOU with this. Man, I have had the same exact thoughts in the YA section! Parents who are with actual YAs give me strange looks. Like, "we know you are too young to have kids this age... but you are 'too old' to read it yourself..." Well, I ignore them, because screw them. It also helps that the guy who works at the bookstore is in his mid-twenties and is a huge YA fan, so I feel less awkward.

    There is absolutely NO age limit. My mom reads YA all the time, and she is 61! My DAD just read a YA book and loved it and he is 68! So yeah, no limit, and anyone who says there is? Well that person is clearly mistaken ;)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  8. YES YES & YES. (Yay for Mean Girls reference! My 2016 resolution will probably to include more Mean Girls references in my work. heehee) Seriously, those looks need to RETIRE. There are more of us than they think!

    Yay for parents reading YA! My mom has been seriously obsessed with Dumplin' - cover and all - though she has yet to actually read it, though. YES. The age-limit is redundant and those people simply need to pass it on. ;)


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