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I've been counting down the days to the #ShelfieHop like an utter maniac.
#TheShelfieHop is, of course, hosted by the very lovely Crystal @ Bookiemoji and Kristen @ My Friends Are Fiction. And have I not told y'all how much I've been happily awaiting this day?!

But being my procrastinator self, I only just took the pictures of my books today and it took an entire lifetime to edit them semi-decently. I saw a few #ShelfieHop shelves already and I'm stunned by the massive overload of pretty. Y'all please let me have your shelves and all the books on them. I pay in Pringles.

So, anyway. I, hereby, present to books.

Well, technically, my books are in a basket, so technically not a shelf here. If that makes sense. In my old house, they were on a top shelf in my closet and I used to have to climb onto a chair to get one. It was pretty traumatic. Now, a majority of them are in a giant straw basket and my Gossip Girl trilogy and ARCs are comfortably sat on my desk. Spoiler alert.

These are my main few. Color-coded and all. This pile actually tends to topple over a lot. Backwards, usually. Also, there's my first-ever copy of ANNA! See, how battered it looks? Poor thing, really. I had it for years. It's practically an ancient artifact. I considered not including it but it's always been part of the group, so why not?

My PINK pile. I actually had trouble color-coding these few. I still don't feel like I got them exactly right, but whatever.

(Mini fun fact: When I was given the book basket, my sister decided to "rearrange" my books herself. You know, authors with authors, which is why my Lauren Oliver books - who is one of my favorite authors and I can never reach her books when I want to reread them, SOMEONE CRY WITH ME - are at the bottom still in chronological order.) Also, The Hunger Games.

BTW, while I was taking these photos, I thought someone had taken my copy of The Hunger Games and I was two seconds away from raising hell. I found it hidden under the giant blue stack.

More books.

My Gossip Girl books along with a mostly empty OPI box. (But it's pretty, no?!) The OPI box currently carries about two nail polishes. It originally came with about a thousand manicure appliances but my mom stole them. Also, I never finished the Gossip Girl series. I think I'm missing two or three of the books. Truly ironic since I'm such a fanatic.

Annnnnnnd my ARCs. The clay ballerina doll was a gift from my BFF.

Sometimes, I just sit at my desk and stare at them like a total freak, like:

And that concludes this presentation! If you haven't already, go hurry and check out everyone else's posts and shelves! Later, loves!


  1. Color coded bookshelves are my obsession, they are just so pretty! For some reason I mostly have books that have dark or black spines so I can't do it on my shelves but I love looking at everyone else's. It's so pleasing to the eye.

    1. I really love color-coded bookshelves, too! They're so pastel and pretty! It can sometimes work with dark books, too, especially if the spines are all colorful.

  2. yessss. I stare at my books daily like that, haha. I've not read much contemporary though I keep hearing great things about Anna and the French Kiss. I should read it, yes? I've been so excited about this too though I took my pictures yesterday! I'm such a procrastinator. Really, November has really snuck up on me. thank you so much for participating.

    1. Haha, ANNA is something special. I'd hate to give anything away. I'd definitely recommend it, though. One of my favorite contemporaries is How To Love by Katie Cotugno. Seriously, November came out of nowhere! Of course! I had such fun!

  3. I totally get the struggle of placing books wherever. xD Before I had my shelves put up, ALL my books were on this tiny, tiny beside table and fell down every time my niece would touch one. -_- And yay for color-coded books! I tried that once, but every time I got a new one, I had no idea where to put it. xD

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. I feel the same when I get a new one, sometimes, haha. Usually, I either toss the book on my desk or if I'm feeling up to the challenge, I'll try to match it in with my color-coordinated ones when I'm finished with it.

  4. Great collection. And that last gif! I think everyone who participated in the hop had that same expression on as we visited the other bloggers' posts.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

    1. lolllll, for real. I was so jealous of everyone's shelves. I mean, really, they were so gorgeous! Thanks, Dreams! :D

  5. I did a major cleanup and reorganization for the hop, but I STILL have massive piles on a desk in my closet, AND on the floor. Haha. I need to continue culling. So I'm always worried about stacks toppling. I get you. Also I love you color-coordinate some of them! I've thought about doing that, because it would be cool to see a rainbow on my shelf, but then I decided it was too much for me. Heh.

    Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway

    1. I cleaned like crazy for The Hop, too! I literally had so many more on my desk! I have a few on my floor as well! They're stacked on a shoebox. I've considered donating them because I've yet to do anything more with them. The color-coding is seriously such work, especially when a new book arrives, haha.


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