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Myth Debunked: YA Edition

So. Currently, I'm slightly sickish. I have a sore throat and I've been feeling pretty lazy, or rather, lazier. In the rare instances I do get sick, my mom enjoys pouncing on me, all like: "See, I told you? See, see, see? I told you, you should've worn your coat/scarf/earmuffs/gloves on a perfectly normal day."

Now, I'm eating Combos and I present to you: a new blog feature. Myth Debunked: where I summarize books - some badly, some not - and leave you either clueless, shaking an annoyed fist or praising my talent. The latter is unlikely. Sound off!
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THE STORY: A captivating tale about a girl whose bun game is so strong.

TRUTH REVEALED: A captivating tale of a girl whose film game is so strong.
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THE STORY: In a modern retelling of the Tudors, Anne is a crass motorcyclist, Lady Catherine has been demoted to Regina George a cheerleader, and Henry drops the F-bomb more often than an intoxicated Real Housewife.

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THE STORY: A town made solely of paper. It is unknown how this town was devised or discovered. Not even Columbus was made aware, but it’s believed to be strictly mystical.

TRUTH REVEALED: Mary Sues, manic pixie dream boys, and unappreciated friends. Oh my. Also: one overused quote.
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THE STORY: A pretty girl takes a drink from a handsome stranger.

TRUTH REVEALED: Um, it doesn’t go well…?
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THE STORY: A girl and her dearly beloved couch have been completely submerged underwater. It will take many deep-sea divers to recover both of them safely. 

TRUTH REVEALED: One of the finest debuts of our time.
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THE STORY: Six teens decide to get emancipated for the LOLs.

TRUTH REVEALED: Where Are They Now?: Six teens fail in their decision to get emancipated and move back in with their parents after their unpaid college tuition, failed acting endeavors, partying, drug habits leave them bankrupt.
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THE STORY: Black Widow is a fucking badass.

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THE STORY: Two teens–one crazy, one crazier–take over the world.

TRUTH REVEALED: Did you not read the first part?
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THE STORY: Ice cream! Sunglasses! Fabulous soundtracks!

TRUTH REVEALED: Sloane needs to be everyone's best friend.


  1. BAHAHA. This is absolutely hilarious. I think that's why it's so important to take blurbs into consideration, but not to rely on them fully. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    1. hahahaha. I know, right? never a judge a book by its cover! thanks, zoe! :D

  2. I. Love. This. I really hope you are feeling better, but we NEED more of these!! I am in love! My favorite:
    "THE STORY: Black Widow is a fucking badass.

    TRUTH REVEALED: She isn’t."

    BWHAHAHHA DYING. Also, that girl IS #bungoals. And Anne & Henry looks SO BAD. I am usually not good at figuring out which books will kind of suck hard, but Anne & Henry is one I predicted from the start, because that cover is the actual worst and how do I hate a fake guy on a cover? But I do. I really do.

    I will be needing LOTS more of these, please and thank you :D

    1. I am, thank you! I think it was a one-day thing tbh. Now, I'm just a little sniffly.

      Omg you did??? I hadn't seen it coming, actually! Everyone was leaving 3-stars & I had such hope, still. I love the Anne & Henry cover! The guy who models Henry DOES looks a little douche-y, though.



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