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Review: Instalove

Lexy Baker - Instalove
Published: March 8, 2016 by Bloomsbury Spark
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Pages: 250
Find on: Amazon, Goodreads, Book Depository
Rating: 1/5

Sparks fly in this New Adult romance of celebrity love on a college campus!

A month after losing her mother, Avery Edwards arrives on campus alone and shattered, hoping only to make it through the year and stay under the radar. Until she meets Declan Hargrove, ex-teen heartthrob and campus celebrity, who just so happens to be her Resident Advisor. With dark hair and striking blue eyes, Declan definitely lives up to the rumors.

Unfortunately, so does his reputation.

The night before Avery arrived on campus, Declan was caught with his pants down. Literally. The "Stairwell Video", as everyone dubs the sex tape, only makes Declan more desirable on campus, while it turns the girl into an instant pariah. Livid at the double standard, Avery does everything she can to stay away from him, which is easier said than done since they live in the same building...and considering the rumors definitely weren't exaggerating about his amazing abs either.

But when they finally stop denying the chemistry between them--in a closet at a frat party, no less-- Avery panics and throws Declan under the bus in front of an audience ready to record them for posterity on Instagram. But Avery's mistake on social media will affect more than just their social life. Turns out rumors don't always tell the truth, and when a new movie deal threatens to take Declan away from school, Avery must decide if opening her heart is worth falling for a star.

This should've been titled "Irony" instead. Because really.

Avery Edwards, a newly motherless child, has arrived on-campus. Her dorm mates are far from welcoming. So when she discovers Declan Hargrove in the mix, a former child star, and her designated RA. (aka: Resident Advisor.) She's taken by him immediately. As is, the rest of the female population. He is bad to the bone, obviously. And if you dare forget, he will be first to remind you.

The feelings are obviously mutual, but Declan doesn't exactly wanna settle down. I mean, hello. They're in college. Declan could've told her to back off temporarily, but he did none of the sort. Prior to Avery's arrival, he was also apart of a sex tape scandal with another student, dubbed the "Stairwell Video." The girl is practically a myth, and Declan (of course) receives no repercussions and remains the RA.

Honestly, Declan couldn't be more repulsive. He is literally Berger from Sex and the City. All the unnecessary mood swings. All the unneeded responses. He was so embarrassing and unattractive, personality-wise. I wasn't falling all over him in any way. Get your shit together, boy. If you're a "bad guy", I'm pretty sure you don't need to announce it every five minutes.

There's also something in this book called "reverse slutshaming." Never heard of it? Neither have I till now. Avery is perceived to be the good girl, the studious little student, "Why would Declan like me? I have mousy hair and small boobs." She overhears other girls laughing over her misfortune, calling her ugly. And I tried to feel bad for her over the sexual assault thing, but it was handled so terribly. I considered raising my rating to a 2-star because I still felt bad, but she literally brought the ex-boyfriend into the situation for no reason and was so "Valley Girl ha-ha" about how she described everything.

Also, Avery, who prides herself on being the plainest kind of plain, is constantly with this: "I watched Declan openly assess me. I watched Declan's eyes travel up my body. I watched Declan ogle me from afar." Oh, please. Honey, you ain't special.

And Declan - who is the RA, mind you - doesn't exactly take his job too seriously. He is constantly after Avery, threatening the boys who attempt to pursue her and chastising her whenever she attempts to have the slightest fun.

Yes, this is instalove. And whoever named this novel, praise to you. It was a joke. It made college seem like a party haven. (Ha!) Obviously, not a recommend.


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