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Gettin' Real: Do You Still Lend Out Your Books?

Sadly, I do not.

That sounds so rude, but honestly, I don't. Years back – not that long ago, chill–freshman year of high school. 2008. Oh God, that is far. Anyway, I lent my copy of Breaking Dawn to my best friend. She hadn't had a copy and was desperate to read it, so I immediately suggested mine. You know when someone owes you money or owes you something, and both of you know it and that person simply refuses to bring it back up? She did that. She initially refused to give it back. So I throat-punched her.

Kidding, I swear. I kept bothering her. “So when are you gonna return my Breaking Dawn? Huh? Huh? Huh? Did you finish reading it yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?” She returned it the next day, and was pretty pissed. It had a tear in the book jacket. Believe me, I practically saw red.

Years later, I had another friend, who saw my lovely book collection and was all gaspy. She was itching to borrow one of my books, so I gave her one I wasn't exactly fond of. The Cupcake Queen. It’s not a bad book per say. She never returned it, and ironically, she came to my house in the future and was in awe again over my Sarah Dessen collection, and I was like: “Stay away, feline.”

I’ve had family members ask to borrow books. One of my cousins – who isn’t a reader in any way – wanted to borrow one of the Twilight books, back in the day for a school book report. Back when I was a book fiend / Twi-Hard. Back when I had the full collection. (I’ve since donated the other books. I only own Breaking Dawn now.) I said no. My mom asks to borrow books, sometimes. She doesn’t read them, though. Though I do share them with her, because I live directly down the hall. So.

Here's something potentially funny and/or unfunny, depending on how you read it. My mom was telling me how she read a preview of a book on her Kindle and was currently infatuated with the book. I decided to nod along: "Yes, Mom. Interesting." She told me the title and I nearly gasped. I owned it. Oh the dread. I was also a second from donating it. I Take You.

I told my mom how I was about to donate it, and she was pretty scandalized. She vowed to read the book. It went unread for months. Now, she uses it as a table decoration. Tada.

And one time – literally, last month or so – my sister took a book I was reading and held it captive for days. It was kinda accidental, though. My sister isn’t much of a reader either. She says I hate everything, which isn’t much of a lie. Ensue the evil laughter.

I did lend her my copy of Heart of the Matter, which is a book I love. In my defense, she helped organize my new bookshelf and I decided to be generous. She has since not given me not one reading update. I assume Heart of the Matter is MIA, then.

So tell me. Do you still lend your books? Do you keep an iron hold over them? How do you get rid of them? Do you hang onto all of them? If only. Spill that truth!


  1. NO I cannot lend books because people are ANIMALS. Rabid, horrid animals. I gave my mom a book (because I will actually BUY people copies before I will lend them) and she let her friend borrow it, and the friend- are you even prepared? You cannot be prepared- left it OUTSIDE IN MY MOM'S BACKYARD when she was done with it. Just LEFT IT ON A TABLE! And it RAINED. Like, I was appalled. These are the kind of people who should be outright banished from bookstores.

    Even my mom is a mess- she leaves books with coffee stains on it, and weird bends on the cover and creases on the spine and seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? How was I spawned from this person!??!

    GAH, so no. Just... no. I will give them away, or donate them or whatever, but that's easier, because I never have to SEE what the poor dears go through when I leave them to fend for themselves.

    1. That is HORRIFYING. WHAT NO. I brought my mom a self-help/exercise book for Christmas once. I have no idea why. My sister was even like: "Are you even sure she WANTS this?" And I was so positive in giving it to her, but when I did, she was like - oh thanx - and barely looked at it again. I ended up donating it.

      hahaha. I never buy people books. Well, not family members, at least. No one in my family reads. My sister collects celebrity novels and things, though. She reads about 10 pages and never talks about it again.


  2. I never ever EVER lend out books anymore. I've been bitten way too many times to ever lend out another book. I've had books that have never been returned and at this point, I've given up on ever getting them back. And I've also had a traumatic Twilight experience from years ago. I lent out my copy of Twilight to a friend (when Twilight first started getting popular) and when I got it back, it had food stains on so many pages!! NEVER AGAIN!

    Jenna @ Happy Indulgence

    1. Food stains??? That sounds...I can't even. I've only lost two/three books, I believe, but literally oh gosh. I don't trust people with my books anymore. Literally, just lent a paperback to my sister (Heart of the Matter) and I went to her house for a visit, and I found it on her couch - unread, still - and one of the cover edge was starting to CURL. BOOK ABUSE.

  3. SO ONE BOOK IS OUT ON A LOAN. It's my Book Thief copy. And's being read I suppose. But one time I got it out from my roommate's room, and it was definitely more...worn out than when I lent it to her. Luckily I don't mind a book's condition, but I don't know. I think I'm fine with lending out books, just...give it back.

    Though I would definitely lend a book out to another book blogger. Because I'll KNOW it's being treated right.

    1. SAME. My sister still has one of mine. I don't know if it's the perfectionist in me - not really a perfectionist, actually, so nevermind haha - but I love having my books in perfect condition. I wouldn't mind a tiny, barely-visible tear, but it irks me. Yeah, I don't know. Especially if the person asks to borrow a book apart of a series! HOW DARE THEY.

  4. Haha this is hilarious! I actually love lending out books even if they go missing because I genuinely don't have enough space in my apartment - so I just send them out into the world. I don't ever send out my most beloved e.g. special edition or signed copies though - I don't trust people enough for this responsibility haha.

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

    1. AENTEE WHAT. Well, I guess it DOES depends, actually. If it's a book I don't care about, I'm like: "Whatever, keep it." But if it's something I love, I'm like: "um hey gimme that back asap pls" I know! I don't trust people with my special editions either. haha.

  5. I lend books to my mom, but that's only because I know she feels the same way about hurting books that I do - and she actually reads them. Other than that, nope. Although I DID just today offer to lend a book to someone. Hmmm ... now I'm rethinking. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Me too! I live with my mom, so I can easily get them back. She's usually busy, so she reads only a bit of them. I swear, I'm going to make so many people overprotective of their books with their post. hahaha.

  6. I am very selective on what books I lend out and who I lend to. I know I can trust certain people to maintain the books in good condition and will read them in a decent amount of time. I will not lend out my limited or collector's editions. I cannot believe some people don't care about their books and will crack spines, dog ear pages, soil their pages, etc.


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