The Pokemon Go Book Tag

I KNOW. I KNOW. I'M SO LATE. I also don't care because I've been wanting to do this tag forever.
Literally, I was playing Pokémon Go two days ago and I think the obsession is dying out. None of the stops were lit by lures, and there were a lot. I only have about 30 Pokémon. My mom was driving us to Abuela's. I was trying to catch Pokémon whilst on the highway, and it kept telling me not to trespass. Like, the hell?? I'm not walking on the highway, fools. Long story short, I had zero success. Caught a total of 0.
As you should know, all these phenomenal graphics and the idea for the Pokémon Tag belongs to Aentee!
Since there are three starters, I think I'll go with three books. Dun dun dun. Sophie's Choice, clearly. (BTW, I've always chosen Charmander. Fire Pokémon are my kindling. Anyway: the Twilight series, the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants series, and the Princess Diaries. To this day, I (embarrassingly) have not finished the Princess Diaries or the Sisterhood series'. I did read Royal Wedding, though. Alas, Michael stills owns my heart. All there is to it.

Marisa Reichardt's Underwater is still one of my favorite reads in the history of ever, just because it handles depression and social anxiety and familial issues so phenomenally. And for those who like water, the MC is a former swimmer.

Iconic-wise (Can this be counted as iconic?? I think so!), I seriously love the Hunger Games trilogy. When the movies became a thing, I remember the books were on-hold at my library for weeks because people wanted them. Books, not the movies. Sorry, Shannon. ;) I rarely, if ever, read Mockingjay. The last chapters always make me cry. 

When a book becomes a movie, I feel like I lose interest in it entirely. I used to love Everything, Everything, but since everyone has been fanning out over it (although, I'm happy for it, too!), I get very annoyed to see that same book everywhere. All. The. Time. Same with happened Me Before You. I wanted to read it but since the movie news, I haven't. Anytime, a book-turned-movie happens to release, my sister is like: "GASP! Have you read it?" (Although, I have seen the Me Before You movie, though. Y'all know I am that person. It was a great, sadsadsad movie.)

And the Illuminae Files. I rarely, rarely, rarely, if ever, if ever in a million/billion/trillion shooting stars enjoy a dystopian. 

The Unexpected Everything reminds me of Since You've Been Gone. Ironically, they're by the same author, but they contain a lot of the similar happenings, ala diners and scavenger hunts and shy boys. Love & Gelato reminds me a teensy bit of Anna and The French Kiss, because of the near-fainting when a boy dares to approach.

I once tried to read Gone With The Wind in high school, but I never finished it. It's not a big book, actually, but I've been holding off on reading Unrivaled because I've had such high expectations for it, so it's simply been sitting atop my bookshelf for weeks now.

This is so embarrassing to admit, but the same night I finished Chandler Baker's Alive, I literally couldn't sleep that night. (Ha!) I mean, it's not "Don't do that, George, I have fragile bronchial tubes" scary, it's just very, very Carrie-esque. Seriously, terrified the hell out of me for a few hours.
I'm so obsessed with them awe
SO MANY. OH SO many. Alex/Lena (Delirium), Tack/Raven (Delirium), Cricket/Lola (Lola and The Boy Next Door), Michael/Mia (Princess Diaries), Blair/Nate (Gossip Girl) (books only!), Solara/Doran (Starflight), Cassia/Kane (Starflight), and the list goes on.

You Wish and Last Seen Leaving are so wild, but different variations of it. More-so, Last Seen Leaving. I was practically gasping throughout while reading Last Seen Leaving. You'll see my review here sometime later, but it's so interesting and romantic and it literally keeps you on your toes. You Wish, which is by Mandy Hubbard, is a bubbly, fantasy-themed contemporary. I read it a few years ago, but I still remember being thrown by the twist. A weird combination to share, I know. Bubbly contemporary and dark mystery, but they're both keep you invested in their own way.
Undoubtedly, The Delirium series. Lauren Oliver could write eight more books of it, and I'd likely read all of them. Just keep Alex and Lena together, please. Thankssomuch.

Magikarps are so underestimated, I swear.

Weirdly enough, Starflight. I don't enjoy too many dystopians and I sped through it. It's so fantastically-written, surprisingly hilarious, full of in-depth characters, and a classic sugar glider. The only negative, which was something very very verrrry slight, was Doran.

Secretly, I'm still excited to read the Harry Potter books. I've never seen the movies or read the books. Back in high school, my best friend wanted me to see the final movie with her, but I didn't wanna go because I hadn't seen the first few. (I believe, there's seven??) She was quite pissed. Ha.

Either way, still excited to check them out for myself because magic candy and yer a wizard, Harry.
Shamefully, I've never caught a Mew. Welp.

Even though the book has annoyed me endlessly, I would love to own a French edition of it. Anna and The French Kiss, that is. Summer of Supernovas has gorgeous international editions as well. GORGEOUS. AND Firsts.

Okay, but I wouldn't be moi without a list, of course.

Of Fire and Stars (queer lady romance and horses, come on!), #Famous, The Collision of Birdie + Bash, You're Welcome, Universe, The Education of Margot Sanchez, It Started With Goodbye, and Addie Bell's Shortcut To Growing Up (technically, an MG debut!) &&&& Caraval. Because dark, tricky carnivals and majestic writing.

Again, so many. Oh jeez. Morgan Matson, Kasie West, Lauren Oliver, Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, Darcy Woods, Stacey Lee, Sarah Dessen, and the list never ends.

I feel like I've been waiting on Sara Zarr's next book, Gem & Dixie, forever because I remember hearing about it so long ago. Also, Stephanie Perkins's next books. A sexy horror novel (her words!) and another contemporary. Also, she hinted at the possibility of continuing Lola and Cricket's tale, so there's that.


  1. I'm so sad that Pokemon Go is already dying out pretty much. AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE that stupid tracker isn't working properly! Like it was much better before hahah!

    I feel you on when books turn to movies! I've even less motivated when I end up seeing the movie, like for Gone Girl. And because now I know what happens, I feel as if I don't need to read the book. And I agree about Everything, Everything. I might watch the movie just to see how it turned out though.

    1. Isn't it lame?! I'm like, UGH. No one uses the lures around me anymore either. Cheap people!

      hahah. Secretly, I DID love the Gone Girl movie. I've read some of the book. I still need to get back to it, sometime. But sameee. I think knowing how it ends makes it a little less interesting.

  2. Was surprised to see Starflight on here! I completely forgot about it, and I'm so glad that you brought it back up. It sounds like a great read, and now that Winter Break has started, I'm ready to get back to it :D Looking forward to it!

    - Eli @ The Silver Words


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