DNF Alert: Overdrive

Dawn Ius - Overdrive
Published: September 13, 2016 by Simon Pulse
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Source: NetGalley
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Rating: DNF 👎

Jules Parish has screwed up.

After three years of boosting cars, she got caught. She's too good to get caught, but she let her (ex)-boyfriend talk her into a questionable job. And now, she and her little sister, Emma, will be kicked out of their foster home, left to survive on the unforgiving streets of Las Vegas alone.


Eccentric, wealthy Roger Montgomery wants to open up his mansion to Jules and Emma. The only catch? Jules must steal seven of the rarest, most valuable muscle cars in the world—in seven weeks. Even worse, she’s forced to put her trust in three complete strangers to help her do it.

First there’s Chelsea, the gorgeous redhead with a sharp tongue and love for picking locks. Then there’s Mat, who hasn’t met a system he couldn’t hack. And finally there’s the impossibly sexy car thief Nick, whose bad attitude and mysterious past drive Jules crazy.

With nothing in common and everything to lose, can Jules and her amateur crew pull off what could be the biggest car heist in history? Or will things spin out of control faster than a Nevada dust devil?

Like Done Dirt Cheap, this is one of those rare, complicated storylines, where I lost and uninterested from beginning to end. It’s a malicious mix between Fast and Furious ANNND Spring Breakers, where Jules (aka: Ghost), the MC, is taken under the wing of Roger Montgomery, who is mega-rich and offers to care for she and her sister, Emma, in exchange for having her steal a few of the world’s wealthiest, rarest cars.
This is one of the particular books, where it’s simply my preference getting in the way. Magnetic Shift is very very similar to this, sans the dystopia, regarding the technological, behind-the-scenes workings of car machinery.  As always, and especially since I always gravitate toward these type of familial relationships, I absolutely loved Emma-and-Jules’s sisterly relationship as well. It was so cute and sweet and so very sisterly. And being the prude that I am, I wasn’t a fan of the car-stealing aspect. Or the whole mechanical aspect, which quite literally, Jules nearly becomes high off of.
There’s a teensy bit of romance, but it doesn’t consume the entire novel, which is a relief, considering Ius's previous novel. And although, I wasn't to fond of this ide. I've become such a fan of Dawn Ius already, her writing style itself is simply growing on me. Her storylines are authentic, too. And she's publishing an f/f YA soon, which I am *hugely* looking forward to, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that.