Blog Tour: White Sand, Blue Sea: A St. Bart's Love Story

Anita Hughes - White Sand, Blue Sea
Published: April 11, 2017 by St. Martin's Press
Genres: Adult, Romance
Pages: 288
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Rating: 4/5 (Breakin' the Heart-O-Meter, one romance at a time.)

Olivia Miller is standing on the porch of her mother and stepfather's plantation style villa in St. Barts. They have been coming here every April for years but she is always thrilled to see the horseshoe shaped bay of Gustavia and white sand of Gouverneur's Beach. This trip should be particularly exciting because she is celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday and hoping that Finn, her boyfriend of four years, will propose.

The only person who won't be here is her father, Sebastian, who she hasn’t seen in twenty years. He’s a well-known artist and crisscrosses the globe, painting and living in exotic locations like Kenya and China. When Sebastian walks unexpectedly walks through the door and floats back into Olivia’s life like a piece of bad driftwood she never knew she wanted, she starts to wondering if her world is too narrow. She questions the dreams and the relationship she’s always thought she wanted. But there seems to be more to the story than an innocent fatherly visit, and Olivia must decide if love is more important than truth.

Set on St. Barts, the jewel of the Caribbean, WHITE SAND, BLUE SEA is a heartwarming story about romance and adventure, and most importantly, about knowing yourself, and what makes you happy.

I'm convinced Anita Hughes does extensive research, travelling, or watches a lot of reality TV or documentaries. Besides, Emily Giffin, she's my new favorite adult writer. Her books are so beautiful and you'll wanna book a plane ticket to a gorgeous vacation, ala Paris (Par-ee~) or a pink-sand beach, or devour an entire cheese wheel, just so I could attempt to follow along.

Olivia is extremely fortunate, so when her biological father, Sebastian, appears on the doorstep of their summer house in St. Barts, she's more than a little shocked. She hasn't seen him in well over twenty years after he casually ditched their family to further his career as a painter. Her mother, Hadley, has remarried a wonderful man and Olivia is (allegedly) moments away from an engagement with a five-star man.

Sebastian, however, starts drama wherever he can. He's a freeloader, he constantly questions Hadley's marriage, Olivia's relationship, and how they live their lives, despite the fact he left them both twenty years ago. I mean, HELLO. The summary promises us Olivia's story, but it's more-so, Hadley and Sebastian's story, how they met, Olivia being conceived amidst the moonlight, why they broke up. All the drama truly. Olivia consumes about 10% of the storyline. Lemme tell you, I was so relieved by the ending, but bummed we never get to see more of twenty-year-old her.

This is definitely one of Anita Hughes's more realistic books, interestingly enough. It suffers from a mild case of #RichPeopleProblems, but to the point, it makes fun of that. And to the point, it annoyed by how much it picked at the trope. I was like, "I get it. They're privileged. Let them eat caviar and cheese, and let me be jealous of them for ten minutes, kthanx."

I will definitely stick around to look for Anita's next book, which according to her author bio, she's already working on. Get excited, peeps.

About the Author
ANITA HUGHES is the author of Monarch Beach, Lake Como, French Coast, Rome In Love, Island in the Sea, Santorini Sunsets, and Christmas in Paris. She attended UC Berkeley's Masters in Creative Writing Program, and lives in Dana Point, California, where she is at work on her next novel. For more information, visit