About Moi

Name's Peach. Blogging's my game. Let's talk about books .
  • 22
  • east coast sweetheart
  • a novice storyteller 
  • future librarian ✓📚
  • le student
  • krispy kreme devourer 
  • mac n' cheese connoisseur
  • F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T
  • reality tv queen
  • OPI addict
  • scorpio seester
  • monstrously obsessed with every Disney film imaginable
  • still awaiting the real Mean Girls sequel
  • hearts anything and everything YA Contemporary
  • reads Before I Fall yearly
Annnnnnd you can always find me on tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads, where I can be found periodically reblogging/retweeting bookish things, joining in on the occasional debate, and cross-post my ranty reviews. Much love, doves.


  1. Hey Peach!
    I'm Alicia and I love your blog! Just like you I love a good YA contemporary! Forever 21 is life and I absolutely love HSM, Mean girls and Disney Films! I want to meet your Parakeet, Angel is such a cute name!I just followed you on bloglovin'
    Alicia hashtaglovebooks.com


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