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* Review requests are temporarily closed.


If you are an author/publicist/publishing house who would like for me to review your book(s), I will gladly do so. Please heed in advance, I am in no way obligated to leave a glittering, glowing five-starred review.

As noted from the books I've previously enjoyed, I am currently accepting review requests for novels of the YA, MG, and NA, and Adult genres. You can contact me here. I, however, have a few guidelines.

I accept e-galleys, print ARCs, and finished copies. If the book is apart of a series, please let me know in advance. I would graciously prefer the others included in the trilogy as well.

And when pitching me a book, please include the:
  • Genre
  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Its directed audience
  • Your name and email
  • The publication date

YA is my preferred genre, of course, but I often step away from it to surf between a few other categories and am always open to anything below:
  • MG
  • NA
  • Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Dystopian
  • Magical Realism
  • Historical Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Fantasy
Review Standards:

Every one of my reviews is uploaded onto my Amazon, GoodreadsTwitter, and blog pages, and I often provide updates whilst reading, which are automatically uploaded onto my Twitter and Goodreads pages. I can guarantee an illustrative, informative review, be it negative or positive, and my honest opinion. 

If I'm providing an ARC review, I often prefer to publish the review closer to its publication date. I am also open to hosting cover reveals, participating in blog tours, author interviews, and running guest posts.

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.


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